Let us introduce ourselves...

Deb Pietruszka enjoys bringing people together where they can network with like-minded people and have FUN while doing so. She has a passion for empowering women to tap into their unique “Hidden Treasures” (their dreams and talents) and achieve their highest potential. Deb welcomes people from all backgrounds and beliefs to her Healing Arts Center, Serendipity Meadows, located in the rolling hills of rural Quakertown, PA.  She is trained in both traditional and complementary medicine as a therapist for over 35 years, seeing clients in her private practice where she combines her training in allopathic medicine as an Occupational Therapist with her additional training in hypnotherapy, bio-energy techniques, medical intuition and aromatherapy to alleviate pain and stress. To embrace her creative and artistic side, she also makes custom brooms and wall art. She was the impetus behind The Amethyst Girls, and sees us as a venue to achieve all of the above and make a difference in the lives of women. To learn more about Deb, visit her amazing new website at: http://www.serendipitymeadows.com

Ellen Zuby, a poet and visual artist, an elder in the community, has studied metaphysics and the nature of consciousness for over 40 years. She enjoys talking and working with people in her own special way, bringing love to all. Tarot and other divination tools, astrology, synchronicity and the speaking world as symbols of what lies within each of us is part of the education she shares. She welcomes questions about anything and everything, but is not really good with math.  After spending 30 years as an educator and mentor in the public school system, she’s currently “retired.” She lives in the middle of the woods with her husband and cat and over 1000 books, most of which she’s read. Ellen has a popup boutique selling ladies’ clothing and accessories. Website: http://elenandtuka.biz

About us...

Deb Zobel  is  the proud furmama of a bunch of rescue cats and a collie named Buster! She is an independent Environmental, Health & Safety Consultant in the process of transformation into a Holistic Lifestyle Advocate. Her dream is to inspire, empower, motivate & make a positive difference in all aspects of the lives of others. Deb also is a Lemongrass Spa Sr. Consultant, a line of affordable, amazing, handmade skin care products & mineral make-up that contain no toxic chemicals, and are not tested on furbabies. She also offers a product line that improves health from the inside out called Juice Plus+, made only with raw fruits and veggies. Because the product, along with other lifestyle changes, helped improve her own health so dramatically, she enjoys sharing it. Also, because of her desire to balance mind, body & spirit, she is a Reiki Master Healer and a Yoga Instructor. She expresses herself artistically in a nature-inspired jewelry line, Renewal Jewelry Designs.  You can find her designs and more at:

www.OurLemongrassSpa.com/byDeb            www.dzobel.juiceplus.com